Publishing 360° virtual tours on

Lately digital photography has greatly evolved, this allowed web developers to create astonishing contents, specially for the real estate market. As of today, there are pages that let you virtually visit the apartment, house, villa or penthouse of your dreams through the so called virtual tours.

With simple mouse movements you can visit all the rooms of the object and also go outside, wheter to visit the terrace or the garden. Let your dreams come true, it will feel like already being there.

Most of the virtual tours produced nowadays have very high photo quality and can be viewed full screen for a really immersive experience. offers the possibility to his customers to publish, for any real estate object, one link to a virtual tour, indipendently from whom and how it was produced.

For those interested in creating this kind of added value content, Immogalaxy presents here a non-exausthive list of some companies working int he production of 360° virtual tours.

Immogalaxy is not aware about the specific features and prices of each single product, this list is meant as a starting point from where to gather additional information on this technology.

If, you too, have a company producing virtual tours and would like to be listed in this page, drop us an email and we will contact you as soon as possible.

6500 Bellinzona

t. +4176 811.45.41

GAFFURI & GAFFURI Realtà virtuale
Via Motta 6
6826 Balerna

t. +4191 225.56.06

Bühlstrasse 16
3012 Berna

t. +4131 535.77.36