The Immogalaxy Sagl, as provider of the ImmoGalaxy services, is not responsible for the quality, origin, truthfulness and exactness of information stored in its data banks and presented by its procedures, nor for the direct and indirect consequences that may derive from the non-correspondence of this information with the reality.

The Immogalaxy Sagl engages itself to publish objects and related multimedia data only until the end of the publication period defined with the customer. Immogalaxy sagl is not responsible for the digital recording of any kind of the original information and data provided by the customer (except for paper documentation that is returned to the customer, when requested).

Il formato di presentazione degli oggetti è predefinito. La Immogalaxy è comunque a disposizione per valutare eventuali proposte di modifica qualora esse siano adattabili alle pubblicazioni di tutti gli inserzionisti.

Legal notes

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