General publishing conditions

1. In general
Immogalaxy Sagl (afterwards just "Immogalaxy"), as the provider of the Immogalaxy portal services doesn't receive any commission on deals made through the site.

2. Responsability
ImmoGalaxy can not be held responsible for the quality, origin, truthfulness and exactness of information stored in its data banks and presented by its procedures. ImmoGalaxy sagl can not be held responsible for the direct and indirect consequences that may derive from the non-correspondence of this information with the reality.

3. Publication period
The publication period is defined with the customer and starts the first day the object is shown on the portal. Contracts for a period longer than 3 months, are automatically renewed at the their expiration. Cancellation or changes have to be notified within 3 months from contract expiration with regular mail. The extension of the publication period starts from the expiration day of the preceeding publication period. Immogalaxy engages itself to publish objects and related multimedia data only until the publication expiration. Immogalaxy is not responsible for the digital recording of any kind of the original information and data provided by the customer. ImmoGalaxy sagl is not responsible for the recording of data related to customer contacts established through procedures. For the restore of cancelled data, whenever possible and when requested by the customer, Immogalaxy will require a correspondent fee

4. Payment conditions
The settlement of invoices and services is to be made without deductions nor discounts. In case of payment with postal or bank cheques, ImmoGalaxy is authorised to charge all related postal or bank expenses. It is excluded the possibility of non-payment or partial payment of invoices because of claim of any sort against ImmoGalaxy or one of its supplier. In case of delay in the payment terms, a related legal interest of 10% on a year basis and related proceeds expenses will be invoiced.

5. Consulting
With the acceptance of these publishing terms, the customer only acquires the right to use the portal services. The customer does not have any right to consulting services or instruction on information technology or Internet aspects. Assistance may be granted by Immogalaxy at its sole discretion and all work done could be invoiced separately.

6. Customers obligations
Customers engage themself not to use services provided by the Immogalaxy portal for illegal scopes nor for the diffusion of unfounded, deceitful or analogous kind; customers guarantee the authenticity and completeness of their personal data. ImmoGalaxy sagl reserves the right to proceed with legal actions in case of improper use of its services.

7. Technical responsibility
Immogalaxy declines any responsibility for any damage caused by malfunctioning or non-functioning of structures and services. Immogalaxy is not legally responsible for errors or improper use of structures and services by the customer. In general, Immogalaxy is not legally responsible for improper use of Internet

8. Privacy
Information published on the portal will never be given or sold to third parties. Customer objects are exported to the portal. Both parts agree to keep all publication information confidential, as well as the terms defined in the publication agreement. This obligation exists before the definitive agreement and extends its validity after the expiration of the publishing terms.

9. Inefficacy of single articles
In the case that one of the articles of the General Condition Terms results legally ineffectual or not applicable, the validity of the General Condition Terms and the other articles is not compromised.

10. Rights and duties transfer
The parts can transfer their rights and duties deriving from this General Condition Terms to third parties only upon written notice from both sides. In this case, all rights and duties are transferred.

11. Additions and modifications
Immogalaxy reserves the right to modify services and prices at any time, informing its customers in an adequate manner. Additions and modifications to the General Condition Terms are to be made in a written form.

12. Applicable Law and competent Court
The present General Condition Terms is ruled by the Swiss Law. The unique competent Court is Lugano - Switzerland.

For what is not explicitly indicated in these General Condition Terms, the Swiss Obligation Code rules.

Valid since dal 16.09.2016

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